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How Dentures Fit in the Future of Dentistry

Do you have any burning questions about how you can improve denture treatment? Join leading instructors from Asia to learn their tips on how to fabricate better fitting dentures.


Dr. ABE, Jiro

Abe Dental Clinic

  • 「Dentists Keep Cherishing Old Knowledge, So as Continually to Be Acquiring New. 」
    ~「How Are Dentures Going to Be Changed, from the Past to the Future?」~

    The removable denture education began from gypsum impression of Dr.Gysi (1930s), and compound impression of Dr.Boucher (1960s). Afterwards, Bio-functional prosthetic system (1980s) targeted at taking the adequate bite record was developed. In addition, Suction-effective mandibular complete denture technique (1999) was reported. Next, 2-implant supported over denture was announced in 2003 as the first choice of the prosthetic care for mandibular edentulous cases.
    After 2012, a digital denture technology has been receiving a lot of attention.
    I would like to talk from the past and current denture fabrication techniques in conjunction with the future digital suction-effective denture manufacturing.

    Conventional Denture Technique,Bio-functional-Prosthetic System(BPS),Suction-Effective Mandibular Complete Denture(SEMCD),Implant Over-Denture(I.O.D),Digital Denture Manufacturing Through Printing and Milling Processes

  • The Key Role of Preliminary Impression in the Treatment of Complete Denture

    How to make a proper impression of complete denture is the common challenge for many dentists. Inadequate extension or overextension of complete denture often happens when we make impression. Mistakes can be made in any step. We are accustomed to correct it in fine impression.
    It needs us to change our clinical idea from trying to address problems to avoid problems. I would like to talk about how to determine the border of denture in preliminary impression. It will help us set the outline of individual tray more easily.

    Preliminary Impression,Tray Position,Individual Tray,Occlusal Plane Setting,Posterior Border of The Maxillary

  • Dynamic Impression Technique -Management of Difficult Cases-

    Complete denture treatment consists to manage anatomical, functional, and also psychological derangement for edentulous patients. Importance of comprehensive approach for confirmation of the jaw relations and establishment confidence using temporal axes does not change even now. Proper use of therapeutic interim dentures (treatment dentures) can lead to excellent results in cases of anatomical and functional difficulties. In this lecture, I show the case that is easy to have a hard time for treat with complete denture, and comment in detail treatment denture protocol.

    Denture Space,Lip Support,Occlusal Vertical Dimension,Tooth Arrangement,Occlusal Form,Single Denture

  • Long-Term Planning for Lifelong Benefits of Implant Overdenture

    With the increase in the number of elderly patients, various problems and restrictions in the field of implant treatment may arise that have not been experienced before. Therefore, it can be said that the implant treatment is entering a new phase, from the establishment of safe and reliable treatment techniques that have been discussed so far to the design of superstructures and maintenance programs with aging patients. Against this background, implant treatment for elderly patients, especially implant overdenture (IOD), has been attracting attention in Japan in recent years. However, it is not uncommon to encounter problems in daily clinical practice, such as damage to dentures and artificial teeth due to the easy application of IODs. In particular, the design of the superstructure and the placement of implants are required a careful decision, as with fixed prosthetics. In this lecture, I will report the key points of IOD design for long-term stability with clinical considerations.

    Implant Overdentures, Prosthetic Driven Treatment Planning, Computer Simulation, Guided Surgery, Attachment Selection

  • Designs of Partial Removal Dental Prosthesis and Their Posttreatment Maintenances

    Partial removal dental prosthesis (RDP) remains an effective treatment option for the edentulous patient. Providing a useful and comfortable RDP requires careful diagnosis, planning, and maintenances. However, RDP design is always challenged in clinical scenarios because the oral conditions and edentulous areas are different from person to person. How to prevent the risk to periodontal tissue of remaining dentition? And also easy for maintenance. In this presentation, the RDP designs based on Kennedy classification will be introduced. With the procedure, it might help us to recognize the pattern of edentulism and abutments. The clinical findings and related managements after placement of RDPs will also be discussed furtherly.

    Denture Design,Tooth Survival,Prevent from Further Tooth Loss,Maintenance,Kenndy Classification