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Pre and Post Endodontic Treatments
for Good Long Term Outcomes

Are you making the right diagnosis of endodontic and perio lesions?
What is the key point to a good endodontic outcome?
Our experienced dentists will teach you everything you need to know about diagnosis, treatment techniques and maintenance!
  • The Key Point in the Diagnosis & Treatment of Endo-Perio Lesions

    Endodontic-periodontal lesions that show significant bone resorption may appear hopeless at first glance without precise diagnoses. An incorrect diagnosis will result in outcomes that are far from the desired healing image. However, by understanding the behind the X-ray transmission imaging and tackling each problem, surprisingly good results can be achieved even in some of the most challenging cases. This presentation will discuss some critical points to consider during the examination and diagnosis of endodontic-periodontal lesions.

    X-Ray Transmission Imaging, Causes of Inflammation, Endodontic-Periodontal Lesions, Simon's Classification, Apical Lesions, Periodontal Disease, Occlusal Trauma

  • How to Maintain a Good Prognosis after Endodontic Treatment

    Root canal treated teeth represent a challenge for the dentists. Besides the difficulty concerning complex root canal anatomy and endo treatment by itself, dentist need to consider many other aspects for tooth good long term outcome.
    The first of the most important aspects is a structural risk which can especially important in case of tooth subgingival deficiencies. The second one is functional risk that needs to be estimated in each individual case. Depending on: the structural deficiency, the type of the tooth (anterior, premolar or molar) and the functional risk, it is important to choose the suitable restoration.

    How to estimate Structural and Functional risk of root canal treated teeth? How to restore root canal treated Anterior Teeth? How to restore root canal treated Posterior Teeth?

    Root Canal Treated Teeth, Post and Core, Root Canal Treated Tooth Survival, Tooth Structural Risk, Tooth Functional Risk, Direct Composite Restorations, Indirect Restorations, Porcelain Veneers