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Microscopic Dentistry

It goes without saying that the microscope has had a major influence on the development of dentistry.
This session will focus on the microscope and endodontics.
It will be presented by renowned endodontists.
  • Microscopic Retreatment

    Endodontic Retreatment is a complex entanglement that involves systematic unwinding of intricacies inside the canal. The importance of magnification & Ultrasonics in achieving Retreatment objectives cannot be overemphasized. This lecture highlights the modifications in clinical protocols to achieve successful debridement of the pulp space with special focus on contemporary Post Endodontic options from a mere Full Coverage Indirect Restoration to Reinforced Direct Restorations, Partial Crowns, Veneers, Overlays, Table-tops etc. based on divergent clinical situations.

    Clinical protocols in effective Endodontic Re-treatment Modifications in Post Endodontic Restoration following Re-treatment An insight into Partial coverage over Full coverage restorations

    Microscopic Retreatment,Post Endodontic Rehabilitation,Partial coverage Restorations

  • The Difference between Endodontic Microsurgery and Traditional Endodontic Surgery

    In this session, I will be talking about the difference between the modern and traditional technique. I will explain the success rate and technique of the modern procedure and the reason dentists should learn endodontic microsurgery techniques.

    Dental Operating Microscope Root-End Resection Hemostasis Retro Preparation Retro Filling Bio Ceramic Material

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