Sushi is already well known internationally. If you have never tried it, please do. It's a delicious, freshly prepared food that offers a variety of different types of raw and sometimes cooked seafood nicely prepared and presented on rice. There is such a vast variety of sushi these days offering something for everyone. Back in the olden days, sushi was originally a preserved food.
But later on, around the time of the Edo Period, the Japanese began to use fresh fish or shellfish in sushi.
Each different style of sushi usually carries a different name, such as Edomae-sushi, Nigiri-sushi, Chirashi-sushi, Temaki-sushi and so on. They are all unique and delicious.
You may have also heard of Wasabi, a hot green paste, that is put between fish or shellfish and vinegar rice.
If you don't like spicy wasabi, you can also order sushi without it. Some people also add soy sauce to sushi, but usually in smaller amounts so as not to overpower the delicate taste of the fish..
And another common option to eat with sushi is to have small slices of pickled ginger, called “gari” in between the various pieces of sushi to clean one's palate.