Ramen is one of most widely known types of Japanese foods in the world. Ramen was originally introduced into Japan from China. Several hundred of years have passed since then, so a rich and delicious Ramen tradition has existed in Japan for long already. If you have ever been to a Japanese Ramen restaurant, then you will have seen a vast variety of different dishes ranging from the mild to the spicy. Japanese Ramen is known for its freshness and richness in taste. It is not uncommon for customers to be able to see the cooks preparing your meal, something that is not the norm in Western restaurants. It adds a homey feel to this type of experience. It is true that long lines outside of Ramen restaurants can be seen, so you may need to bring along a bit of patience, but it is well worth it. The regional variations of Ramen go back to secret recipes and unique features such as the thickness of the noodles, the varying ingredients as well as the types of broths and flavors.