A Ninja is a warrior with special powers and techniques. He is highly skilled in the art of war and in spying on the enemy's movement by freely using his skills of stealth and secrecy. Ninjas served for the daimyo (feudal lords) during the Sengoku period (1493-1573), whose mission included sneaking into the enemy's camp and conducting espionage. They were known to take part in assassinations for their leaders. They were famous for freely using their unique skills which made them stronger than others. Their styles of combat and secrecy include that of Igaryu(iga style) and Kogaryu(koga style). In ninjutsu (Ninja skills), there are tricks such as the gosha no jutsu (the five wheel technique), where the enemy's state of mind is controlled. Ninjas are powerful combatants with unique skills to overpower their enemies..