「Night Festival」
There are many fantastic night festivals in Japan. One of the most famous night festivals is one called the Chichibu yomatsuri. The Chichibu Yomatsuri (Night Festival), which started around 300 years ago, is now known as one of the three most popular float festivals in Japan, along with the Kyoto Gion Festival and the Hida Takayama Festival. There are 6 floats including 2 called "Kasaboko" which means flower parasols.
Chichibu Yomatsuri(Night Festival)
The Chichibu Yomatsuri(Night Festival) is the grand festival of the Chichibu Shrine. People pull gorgeous floats around Chichibu, while kabuki is performed inside the floats. There are abundant fireworks that light up the night sky and that attract many visitors. The festival has its origins in the middle of the Edo period with the development of the silk market which had opened up in the grounds of the shrine. Rich colors of the paper-covered lanterns ("Bonbori") sway on the floats against a backdrop of fireworks in the winter sky.
"Chichibu Festival floats and Kagura (a Shinto theatrical dance) "are designated as a Important Intangible Folk Cultural Assets.