「Five-storied pagoda」

There are many pagodas in the temples of Japan. A pagoda is a taller building which has tiered eaves or roofs. They look majestically pretty. The origins of the Japanese pagodas are of Indian origins which were places in which Buddha's bones were enshrined. Pagodas are symbols of temples. They often tower other buildings nearby.

The oldest pagoda in Japan is the Horyu-ji Temple in Nara. Horyu-ji Temple's pagoda was built about 1300 years ago. It is a tall pagoda with a height of 34 meters, a very large structure back in the days. This particular pagoda has never been destroyed by an earthquake. There are many theories for the reasons as to why it has not been destroyed, but it is said that the central column can absorb the tremors caused by earthquakes. This technique has also been utilized in the construction of the Tokyo Skytree.