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Outstanding dental products with a worldwide reputation for quality and technical excellence.

GC is one of the world's leading manufacturers of dental materials such as glass ionomers, impression and crown repair materials. Our recent development includes "G-Luting" which enhances durability and adhesion of glass ionomer cement while the fundamental properties remain the same, by adding adhesive monomers; "Fusion II", the silicone impression material to achieve superhydrophilicity; and "G-Bond Plus", a light-cured dental adhesive that combines versatile workability and excellent adhesive properties. Besides, a flowable composite resin "MI Flow", featuring high durability and easy to polish property which nano-size filler and high density dispersing technology brings, attains a good reputation as an esthetic dental material. Export and overseas production are also being aggressively expanded. In this way, GC has built on its core competence (an essential technology which is not easy for competitors to imitate) over a long period of time by carrying forward many of its development projects. Wise use of core competence has been one of the mainstays of GC's development program. And by adding new technologies, the company provides solutions offering healthy and attractive mouth which relieve worries and anxiety of those who care their appearance in the mirror and wish the good-looking teeth, gums and teeth alignment. Thanks to advancement in cariology, the mechanisms that result in caries are defined.

GC also focuses on an approach of restoring and promoting the body's proper vital functions of "demineralization and remineralization" of the tooth structure. We consider this approach as the Minimum Intervention (MI) concept. Aiming to make the process of diagnosis, prevention, and treatment or control into a regular part of dental care and to enhance patients' quality of life (QOL), GC works to keep the dental industry informed about its approach, techniques, equipment, materials and relevant reports.

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